Combo Time
Combo Time

Where it all started! These was the line up for the Yamaha Combo Time 1986 (from left, Hashim, Mos, Suzaini, Rahim, Kaswan)

NCO club
NCO club

(from left back row, Hashim, Ayub, Wandi, Azmee, Sayuti, Suraya)

Present Time!
Present Time!

(from left, Daffy, YAnee, Wann, Tomross, Hashim, Olynn)

Combo Time
Combo Time

Where it all started! These was the line up for the Yamaha Combo Time 1986 (from left, Hashim, Mos, Suzaini, Rahim, Kaswan)


Shagies, ever wondered how it got started and got it's name?

Well, here is a bit of history...


Once upon a time, Hashim, the guitarist was serving his National Service in the Singapore Navy Band. At that time he was a slacker...unkempt hair, sloppy t-shirts and had short, sharp pointed beard. A bandmate came along and called him Shaggy!

(mimicking Scooby Doo's voice). Shaggy was one of the cartoon characters from the show Scooby Doo,

hence the name Shagies evolved! 


He then formed the band and entered a band competition called Yamaha Combo Times in 1986.

They finished as runners-up and, of course, the desire to perform nightly became stronger and stronger.


Professionally Shagies started performing in clubs since 1987. At that time, band members came and went...

it started with a six-piece band playing at the then SAF NCO Club at Beach Road. Then, came the auditions at Anywhere Pub where Tania used to perform. It was scary, cause they had to play during a full house weekend crowd! Luckily they managed to get the gig and worked there for about one and a half years. The big break came when they were offered to play at the then Europa International Plaza.

It was big hit then! They were having fun, got good reviews from the media, party every weekend.


It was a long, long time members came and went...from five musicians, seven and now to a six-piece band.

Shagies performed in many clubs and events, locally and regionally. They appeared on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines,

blah, blah, blah...


Shagies used to perform in various clubs such as:


  • Wala Wala

  • Hero's

  • Beer Xchange

  • Harry's @ Claymore

  • Balaclava @ ION

  • Hood Bar & Cafe

  • Timbre @ Arts House

  • Timbre @ Old School

  • Timbre @ The Substation

  • Pump Room

  • Le Baroque

  • Ipanema

  • China Jump

  • Jams the Club

  • Europa Beach Bar @ East Coast

  • Barnone

  • Green Mango

  • Studio Europa

  • Roar

  • Orchard 501

  • Europa Pleasuredome

  • Europa Ridleys

  • Europa International Plaza

  • Cheers

  • Anywhere Pub

  • SAF NCO Club

Europa International Plaza
Europa International Plaza
Europa East Coast
Europa East Coast
Music Warehouse
Music Warehouse
Timbre Arts House
Timbre Arts House
Timbre Sub Station
Timbre Sub Station
Le Barouqe
Le Barouqe


Shagies has been serving under Europa outlets for the last 10½ years from 1991 to 2002. They have also performed in several events locally and overseas such as:-
  • Queen Tribute Night at Wheeler's Estate on 27th November 2019
  • NParks Concert Series In The Park, Rockestra at Fort Canning Park on June 2017 and February 2018
  • Wedding event for Priya & Ryan at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 23rd November 2017
  • Savour Gourmet 2016 at The Bayfront Avenue next to Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre
  • iLight Marina Bay 2016 at The Promontory @ Marina Bay 
  • 8th ASEAN Para Games Carnival 2015 at Singapore Sports Hub (OCBC Square)
  • Singapore SG50 Music Festival @ The Racecourse (Parade Ring) on 25th April 2015
  • Rugby Rumble 2014 at Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Halloween Party 2013 for Princess Brunei Darussalam
  • Timbre Beerfest Asia 2012 and 2013
  • MeRadio Rocks The Marina concert 5th November 2011
  • Charity Concert In Support Of Mercy Relief’s South Pacific Tropical Storm Relief Efforts “Straight From The Heart” 17th October 2009
  • Swing KPE Official Opening Ceremony 14th September 2008.
  • Singapore Flyers Official Opening Ceremony 15th April 2008.
  • Erdinger Oktoberfest 2007 at Merchant Loop, Clarke Quay.
  • Police Week 2007 at Old Police Academy.
  • Rentak Singapura 2006 for local Malay radio station 94.2fm at D’Marque backing up talented known artiste from Singapore and Malaysia such as Yantzen, Ismail Haron and Rahimah Rahim.
  • Tiger Cup Celebration 2004 at Ngee Ann City.
  • Karnival Musik Singapura 2004 for local Malay radio station Warna 94.2fm at Fort Canning backing up talented known artiste from Singapore and Malaysia such as M.Nasir, Ferhad, Hazrul, Thaqif and Addy.
  • Friendship Concert 2003 at Downtown East in aid of Courage Fund.
  • Police Week 2003 at Police Academy.
  • Madam Wong Live and Loud 2002 at Sentosa.
  • Anita Sarawak “Speak of the Diva” show in 2001.
  • Jerudong Polo Club in Brunei.
  • Asian TV Awards in 2000.
  • Acted in the Malay drama “Selagi Ada Kasih” at Suria in 2000.
  • “Suara Hati” at Suria in 2000.
  • High On Life at Harbor Pavilion in 2000.
  • Millennium Swing 2000 at Orchard Road and Serangoon Gardens.
  • Opening of the 1st Tiger Cup at the National Stadium.
  • The New Paper Big Walk.
  • Europa Music Festival at Suntec City.
  • Represented Singapore to perform at Surabaya, Indonesia for Singapore Tourist Promotion Board 1996.
  • 1993 Sentosa Music Festival featuring Bon Jovi, Rick Price, Jimmy Barnes & Andy Lau.